Raspbian images for Raspberry Pi

Within the technical development we can see there are so many innovations are available. Raspbian is one of the product we can identify as that. The Raspbian operating system is for Raspberry Pi and it is based on Debian. Remember, the Raspbian project is separate from the Raspberry Pi foundation. Within this operating system, you can set basic programs and utilities to run your Raspberry Pi. And this fantastic OS contains over 35000 packages and also pre- compiled software so it is easy to install. You can use Raspbian image to easily reach to the Raspbian operating system.

What is Raspbian image

Further, you can use the Raspbian image to boot your Raspberry Pi. Actually, the Raspbian image is a file format that you can download to your SD card and used to boot your device to the Raspbian operating system. For the new users, the Raspbian image is the easiest way to get start.

Raspbian Pi foundation Raspbian image

The Raspbian Pi foundation has officially produced and released their own recommended Raspbian image. And there are Raspbian users nearly 100000’s to use this image and considered this as the best support for them.Remember this has done by the Raspberry Pi foundation not through the Raspbian Project. Also, you can use the Raspbian preinstalled SD cards. These are contained in 8GB or 16GB Sandisk ultra class 10 micro SD cards. And these cards have the full widened partition to make full usage.

Unofficial Raspian images for Raspberry Pi

The Raspbian community is focus to built their Raspbian images to use with the other people use too. Therefore They have created some Raspbian images. And you can have an idea about those things below.

  • Adafruit Raspberry Pi educational Linux Distro
  • Dark Basic image
  • Raspbian RaspRazor image
    This is Qt desktop based distribution and this image designed to fit on a 1GB Sd card. Within this image, you can have some various utilities like easy paint, focuswritter, juffed and speedcrunch.
  • Raspbian Pisces image
    The Raspbian Pisces image is produced by Mike Thompson. Yes, this bootable image on Raspbian Pi hardware is a publicly available SD image. And the image is created based on the Debian installer. Therefore, it related to little Debian installation and added LXDE packages for desktop. Also, this is newer and we can see some differ than the Hexxeh image. Yes, you can see within this you can see a complete installation of Raspbian and LXDE.
  • Raspbian Pisces+MATE image
    When we compared with the other Pisces images it includes the MATE v1.4 desktop environment, therefore it differs from the other Pisces images on LXDE desktop environment. Actually, Mate is based on Gnome 2 desktops (Which is used as the standard desktop for more Linux Distributions) and it is heavier than the other LXDE Lightweight Desktops. Further Mate is rich in features and more mature when compared with LXDE. As like the other Pisces images, this is also based on Debian installer. So, it reflects bare Debian installation and it added the MATE package for Desktop.
  • Raspbian Hexxeh image
    Hexxeh is a Public image of Raspbian and that can bootable on Raspbian Pi hardware. And this image provides minimal install and boot a command prompt. Further within this bootable Raspbian image, you can have running benchmark and debugging packages, testing hard float compilations which have problems while building on the Raspbian autobuilders.

  • CNXSoft minimal image
    This image is based on the official image.and the image has custom Kernel, ntpd and sshd enabled and also this is supported by the wireless tools.

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