Raspbian with Noobs- Things you need to know about NOOBS

Now the technology has developed and we can see there are so many new inventions are available. As like this now we can see several kind of Operating systems are available. Raspberry Pi foundation has developed the Raspbian Operating system. And this is one of the newest Operating system which has more converses. So today let we see if you are beginner, then how easily use the Operating System with the help of Raspbian with Noobs. Sometimes you may face several troubles relating Raspbian. So have a look on this.

What is NOOBS?

Yes as I mentioned earlier if any one fresh to Raspbian then they may face several types of problems relating the operating System. Yes the Raspbian has commencement on June 2012 and it is still under several type of developing. Further Raspbian has more than 35000 of packages to formats for easy to use. To easily install the Raspbian operating system onto Raspberry Pi’s SD card you can use NOOBS installer. Rather than installing the OS with Single click, you can use it to install over a network or install multiple OS on multiple partitions.

Requirements for NOOBS

Are you ready to use NOOBS? Ok then you needs to have the follow things within you.

  • A Raspberry Pi (any model you wish to have from the Original to the newest Raspberry Pi2)
  • SD card/Micro SD card (for latest model) and that want to 4GB or larger (If you need you can also purchase a micro SD/SD card which have pre-installed NOOBS. But it is more expensive than the others)
  • A computer with SD card slot

Installing Raspbian using NOOBS

You want to download NOOBS. Here if you are familiar with torrent then you can download the NOOBS file via torrent. But the simplest format to download NOOBS is via Zip archive of the file. Here if you have the older version of the Raspbian within the SD card you wish to install then it is better to backup file from the SD card.

Once you have the SD card then you can easily copy the NOOBS extracted files. Yes here you need a simple copy and paste.

Now once the file has copied then insert the micro SD card into Raspberry Pi and then plug it in to a power source.

When the installer has loaded you should check the box for Raspbian and then click on the Install

When pop up a warning message click “Yes” there. OK now have a seat and wait, it will take few time but OS will install

Raspbian Download

And I have said that NOOBS allow you to install one or more Operating systems. So rebooting your Raspberry Pi will happening as the OS you selected. Yes if you install a single OS then it will automatically boot. But you select more than one OS then a boot sector will displayed.

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